You and your business will enjoy the benefits from the skills you learn and the cost effective procedures you’ll very quickly adopt from Bps.

We cover your full range of business administration needs.

Not only do we show you how, we also explain why.

We focus on:

  • Your finance and accounting including understanding how it works, setting up workable routines and keeping your records “accountant ready”.
  • Your understanding and management of your Cash-flow and budgets.
  • Your business communication skills to make dealing with officialdom easier.
  • Setting up simple systems – From filing to office functionality.
  • A general overview – a full business procedures and admin evaluation.

We meet with you to get insight and understanding of your business, and how your routines work for you and your staff.

Our experience has taught us how to quickly recognise what is needed to set up practical and manageable procedures for you and your business.

“If there is something you struggle with, be prepared to ask for assistance. Talk to an expert. It is far easier and so much more cost effective than you may think.”

Providing services to:

New and Established SMEs

Charities, Associations, Clubs, Schools……

Or any Entity where Financial Admin is difficult or stressful.