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I would like to start by thanking Audrey Caffrey of Best Practice Solutions for helping me and my business, Infokus Studios, through her coaching and mentoring skills.

I am in business as a portrait, wedding and fashion photographer for 9 years with a small staff of three; myself, my photographic assistant and my studio assistant.

Ten years ago I left college as a qualified photographer and started my own business without knowledge of business practices and continued for the next seven years getting through each day more or less winging it where business processes were concerned. This included dealing with suppliers, by business communications (written & oral), staff & customer relations and business financial planning.

Business Communications
Since learning new skills in business communications, there has been a big impact on my business. It has cut the amount of time I’ve had to deal with people. I enter contract negotiations much more professionally. I can negotiate better with suppliers as I now deal with them in a more professional manner. It has enhanced my professional reputation through the simple fact of good business communications.

All this in essence has built up my confidence.

Cash Flow
This has always been an area that has caused me stress and anxiety. Instead of doing projections, I would bury my head and wait for the financial stuff to take care of itself. When the issues became problems, I dealt with them. This was normal practice until Best Practice Solutions guided me in the right direction. This has always been a massively fear based aspect of my business and Audrey has taken away this fear by showing me how to deal with all areas of Cash Flow and Cash Management. This would include tracking income and spending and also planning budgets and forecasts.

Staff Relations
In dealing with my staff, I’ve learnt how to delegate in detail and trust my staff’s skill and expertise. This in turn frees up my time to focus on my core business and enables me to develop and market my business and maximise both mine and its potential.

In summary, Audrey has untangled knots in my business and allows it to flow again without fear, worry and stress over the unknown. All this has positively impacted on my home life and given me back time with my family without taking the worries of my business home with me.

If you’d like to contact me, you can on 051-850962.

Keith Sullivan, IPPA
Infokus Studios