MJ Flanagan

M.J. Flanagan is a family run fish wholesale and retail business, operating in the Industrial Estate in Waterford, with a retail unit in The Ardkeen Shopping Complex.

Like many other small and medium enterprises, we tend to give most of our time and resources over to the day to day operation of the business. Consequently we tend not to stand back to take a look at “the bigger picture”.

When some issues arose in relation to our accounts system, which we did not have the time or the proper expertise to resolve, we looked for someone who could help correct the faults which had come to light.

A business colleague recommended BPS.

From the outset, Audrey demonstrated an astute insight into our business. She quickly identified the problems which had arisen and was able to address any issues that needed to be rectified. Within a very short time, all problems had been successfully resolved. This resulted in a considerable cost saving and consequently made the outlay of the service of BPS highly cost efficient.

A consequence of the work that Audrey had undertaken was that we were able to proceed in confidence, secure in the knowledge that our accounts system was fit for purpose.

Subsequent to our first engagement, we now regularly employ the services of BPS in assistance with all financial matters including payroll, bank reconciliations, VAT returns and creditor and debtor accounts.

All work is carried out in an extremely efficient manner.

However, it is the insight into our business which Audrey has developed and her advice that we now find more valuable. Her approach to any issue is based on logic and sound financial expertise, and her insights allow us analyse our operation and to identify matters that might affect its performance.

I would highly recommend Best Practice Solutions as a cost efficient solution for any aspect of any business.

Brendan Whittle,
M.J .Flanagan Ltd.

MJ Flanagan